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What is SPC?
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Questions to Ask Before Taking Data
  ¬  Why
•  What is the purpose of the data collection?
•  What actions will be taken as a result of data collection?
  ¬  Who
•  Who will gather the data? How will the data help the person gathering it?
•  Who will analyze the data?
•  ho might be fearful of the data being collected?
•  Who will take action based on the data?
  ¬  What
•  What data will be taken?
•  What processes do the data reflect?
  ¬  When
•  When will the data be taken? How frequently?
•  When will results be shared with the process stakeholders?
  ¬  Where
•  Where in the process will the data be taken?
•  Where will it be stored?
  ¬  How
•  How will the data be obtained?
•  How much variability is there in the measurement process?
•  How will the data be analyzed? What tools will be used?