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  • SPC Analyst
        Smart SPC Analyst is an application software developed to perform data acquisition and analysis for measuring instrument or device, to achieve seamless connection between measuring instrument and other devices through its applicability and user-friendliness, and to achieve real-time analysis and processing of measurement data. Moreover, the software can also be used to create various analysis reports such as quality inspection report. These reports can be used for routine quality management within a company, and may as well be provided to customers for discussing quality problems to make concerted effort towards quality improvement.
    Currently, most instruments and devices are capable of exporting data, however, due to lacking of suitable analysis software or the over-simple functions of such software, the data exporting function has not been fully utilized. QSmart SPC Analyst is a professional analysis software developed to address this problem, and to help users to complete the following tasks in an efficient manner:
  • User can import data stored in the ASCII format(such as *.txt,*.csv and so on) by various devices such as CMM into the QSmart SPC Analyst, which will help you with the arrangement and conversion of data format for those measurement data whose structure seems extremely complicated.
  • It helps user with automatic acquisition of data from various instruments and devices, including reading data automatically from various serial interfaces such as RS232/RS485, it also supports real-time monitoring and concurrent access by multiple devices.
  • It has powerful report customization feature, which allows customers to create different quality reports. Based on customers’ existing format of inspection report, it can automatically export data to create an inspection report, and is also capable of calculating and exporting the analysis results of Cpk, mean value, maximum value, minimum value, standard deviation to such report.
  • The various analysis tools in the QSmart SPC Analyst, including the SPC control charts, help users perform data analysis such as Process Capability Analysis (Cpk), control chart and Arrow Target Chart in an efficient manner.
  • The measurement system analysis function enables user to analyze instrument status and generate standard GR&R report quickly.
  • The arrow target chart provides a visual evaluation of the repeatability for measuring instrument.
Key Features
    1.Smart SPC Analyst provides two common approaches to automatic conversion of measurement data.
  • Via ASCII files:Measuring instruments such as CMM store most of their data in the form of ASCII file. As far as the importing and analysis of measurement data are concerned, whatever instrument is used by user, and however complicated the measurement data format is, QSmart SPC Analyst allows user to directly convert data in common file formats including *.TXT‚ *.PRT‚*.CSV‚ *.HTML.
  • Via data interfaces such as RS232/RS485: QSmart SPC Analyst enables users to read data directly from measuring instruments via data interfaces to achieve automatic data acquisition and analysis. QSmart SPC Analyst allows user to achieve automatic data acquisition from most measuring instruments or devices through parameter setting.

    2.Smart SPC Analyst provides a variety of control charts, including the Variable Control Charts and Attribute Control Charts.
  • Variable Control Charts:Inspection of the units in the sample is performed on a variable basis. Smart SPC Analyst offers the following Variable Control Charts:
  • Attribute Control Charts:Inspection of the units in the sample is performed on an attribute (defective/non-defective) basis. Smart SPC Analyst offers the following Attribute Control Charts:

    3.Smart SPC Analyst provides Measurement system analysis (MSA). MSA: Scientific and objective method of analyzing the validity of a measurement system. A “tool” which quantifies:
  • Equipment Variation
  • Appraiser (Operator) Variation
  • The Total Variation of a Measurement System
  • SPC Analyst

    4. QSmart SPC Analyst provides diversified and flexible reports to enable users to analyze and create reports. All reports can be saved in the Excel format, and users do not need to install any Excel co mponent to gain access to such reports.
SPC Analyst
SPC Analyst Video Tutorial
  Data import and report   form automatically
    Measured by the software can import and export data file operations, and automatically generate reports required by customers.

  Measurement Systems   Analysis operation
    This section introduces the method of the instrument measurement systems analysis (GR & R analysis), and direct export to the analysis results in EXCEL.
  • Video Tutorial
  • Video Tutorial
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